Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homemade Chiropractic work

Hunny's back is out again. It happens every so often, and is a pain in the neck. Literally. He can't even turn his neck right now! Of course, this happens at a time when we just can't quite afford that trip to the chiropractor, so he has been left up to his own devices and his own ways of dealing with it.

So he tries laying on the floor. The he tries to crack his own back against the corner of a wall. Then he tries to stretch his arms as high as possible. Then he tries to give himself whiplash by swinging his neck around. He even goes so far as to stretch out on the couch and ask his middle child to pull on his arms as they dangle to the floor! When that didn't help, he got B to sit on his back!

Bryn has no idea what he's doing or why, but he's finding it fun! He knows that his job is important and he's proud of his part in it! He even enjoys the bouncing on Dad's back bit too! He didn't get told by me, "STOP! Do not hop on pop!" *smile*

Hunny said it only helped a bit. But a bit is better than nothing at all. Since he woke up with it out, hopefully he'll wake up with it In again soon.


Financial Student said...

Sorry your hubby is out of action! I know how painful it is when the body doesn't behave. Hopefully things get better soon!

Maybe Bryn has a career in Chiropractics in his future! :)

FieryCanuck77 said...

so far he's doing it for free. he's good like that. so if you need any work done.... *wink*

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