Wednesday, August 28, 2013

lunchy goodness

My kids are starting to get older. Both Abi and Kai have learned to cook independently this summer. (well, I guess Abi has been doing that for a year already, but she has taken more on this summer)  It's been nice!  I am not a cook,  I actually hate doing it and I really only eat because we have to. I am so thankful that my Hunny loves to cook (except after he has worked a hard day, which I understand. I hated to come home last from work and have to cook dinner too.) Abi shares his ability to look in the cupboard and find a meal. (My Mom has that ability too) I am slightly jealous!

Abi decided to make pancakes one day for lunch. She had fun with it too. She made everyone's name with the batter! 


I missed taking a picture of Kai's. But here is Bryn's.




I am so blessed with this girl and this family.


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