Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Time sure is passing by, isn't it? Sorry, I've been so MIA. When I started a blog, I thought I'd be on it every day, but the truth is that I don't have time. I have other things I do and it slips my mind. But the other thing is that I am a *bit* of a perfectionist. I have things to post about, but want to make sure it is written correctly, that I have the pictures and can make more of an effort! I'm silly that way! *smile* But then I remind myself that it's MY blog. I can write it the way I feel, and when I feel! So there! (I still wish I were able to post nightly though!)

Things have been happening here. Assessments. On Baby Honey. On the house. Concerning jobs. Bank appointments. Birthday parties. Doctor's appointments. Talks of moving. Lifestyle changes. Budgeting. Shopping. Trying to purge items. Rearranging the house. Making plans for the future. Discussing the future. Rediscovering dreams again. Visiting with friends. Connecting with old friends. Preparing for Christmas. Stressing about finances. Trusting in God and choosing NOT to stress. Learning good news. Learning bad news. Praying for guidance.

It's been busy! There is a lot to talk about. We're going through some changes here and making tough decisions. I will talk about them as soon as I can. Until then....


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