Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas

Abi's class was doing a unit on Pioneers and they made a craft with fruit and spices. She brought hers home unfinished because they ran out of Cloves, so I picked some up. Then the boys wanted to make one of their own too! Of course, they only got a few whole cloves pushed in then gave up and grew uninterested! (they didn't last much longer than this picture, but you get the point!)

I love having this on my table to smell everyday! It looks like a porcupine though, but how aromatic! It smells all of Christmas cheer!

Before the end of school, the class had a Pioneer Day, which they all had to dress up for. Of course, I forgot all about it! Luckily, MIL knows how to sew in a flash! She came by with an apron and a long skirt for Abi to wear. Then, Abi got out the shirt and overlay from her traditional Welsh costume, with a long-sleeved shirt underneath. (which we were given from a good friend who lives in Wales to celebrate Sant Dafydd Day, if you remember the post. Bryn still wears the jersey, now handed down from Kai, and Rhys can wear his old one! I love hand-me-downs!) She looked perfect with her braids too!

They had a challenge to be Pioneers all the way down to their lunches too, which meant not using her usual Disney Princess lunchkit. Instead, she was so clever and grabbed the empty ice cream pail I had just washed and set out for recycling pick up! She also didn't use her backpack, but carried her binder. She told me they used their own chalkboards to write on too!

I have to admit that when I grew up, I always thought I should've been born in a different era. I loved the idiologies and simplicities of other times. (I still do) But as much as I would love to "live off the land" with my own farm (oh, how lovely that would be. Be still my little heart!) I can't help but think of how much nicer life is today! 'Simplicity' then meant working for 12 hours each day with no central heating or hot water. I much rather like my luxuries today, thanks! But oh how adorable the little girls dressed then! *smile*


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