Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jingle All The Way

I had this SU! Decor Element from last year and just didn't know what to do with it. I had seen these cute glass blocks that were drilled to add lights inside and the vinyl on the outside, which I'd love to do, but I haven't a clue where to find those glass blocks! Then I saw a wonderful project that my up-upline had done at her quarterly meetings. Now, I can't attend these as they are in another province, but I get to hear the news after and see the pictures. (Actually, you can read all about the last meeting here, as the Special Guest was Linda, a great speaker who worked at SU! She's so much fun! See all her great pictures? Check out that great vinyl Dasher! And do you see the awesome Jingle bell shadow box? Well, that's what I'm talking about....)

So there's this great shadow box that's filled with bells and has the vinyl I have on the front. So cute! Love it! I knew that's what I wanted to make. However, no matter where I searched, I could not find me a shadow box that was the right size or the right price. Harumph!

So I came up with this instead. It made me happy anyways!

The whole thing is one piece of vinyl, with the bell image on the bottom beneath the words, but there wasn't enough room to keep it together, so I had to be creative with my cutting. I ended up with the words on one side and the bell on the other. To top it off, I added a small tea light to the jingle bells....looks very cute lit up, but you need to be careful as it's not the most flat of surfaces. It took me some wiggling and adjusting to get it to stay in place and drip the least amount of wax!

I just found a square glass cup from the dollar store (the Dollar Max in Fleetwood is my favourite one to go to, but b/c it's in the opposite direction of where I usually shop or go, I don't pop in often enough. I used to live in the neighbourhood and was so excited when it opened up! The Largest Dollar Store in the Lower Mainland, I think it boasted! LOL Not too sure if it can still claim that or not, but it still makes me happy! The one in Powell River rocks too! But I digress...) Then I picked up a bag of jingley bells that was too expensive from Michael's. Simple as that!


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