Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trying to be helpful

I was on the phone having a good, deep conversation with my Mom, in the privacy of my room, when I started to smell some type of cleaner. Windex? I think so. I had left the kids in the living room, watching tv quietly. (or as quietly as four children can be in a small room together) Maybe that was my first mistake, but you'd think all would be relatively fine. After all, Abi's in charge. She's responsible!

I emerge from my room, sniffing the air with curiosity. And see this:

The kids in the hallway, each with their own towel, wiping down the walls! Abi and Kai have the spray bottles: windex and simple green! Oh lovely! Even Rhys has gotten in on it!

They move their way down the hall and move into the bathroom.

(poor Kai was getting over a fat lip...a bizarre accident that happened when his mouth met Rhys' head.)

(ignore the bathroom decor, the renos for it are on our 2010 Things-to-do-desperately List!)

Then they move back into the hallway, working on the errant marker and pencil marks on the walls and doors.

I have to admit that I do have a very helpful bunch. I just wish they would do these things in the daytime, not at bedtime, and I sure wish they'd clean up what I ask them to, like their toys! But I'll accept this happily. After all, really, when is the last time I cleaned my walls with Windex? *smile*


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