Tuesday, February 2, 2010

silly groundhog

Happy Groundhog Day! So the groundhog, Wiarton Willie predicted another 6 weeks of winter. (as did the American groundhog, Punxsutawny Phil) There are many thoughts that come to mind when we observe this silly tradition each year.

*the calendar says spring doesn't officially arrive for 6 more weeks anyways! No matter what that silly sleepy groundhog says.

*why does it matter to us what a groundhog back east says? our weather is wildly different! It may be icy and snowy where the sleepy groundhog has his tunnels built, but it is...well, it's rainy here, but that's not really so strange for the Wet Coast...the trees and bushes are starting to bloom, the crocuses are poking out of the ground, the people are putting away their winter gear, it's wonderful! It's almost too nice. Especially since our ski hills are starting to melt. Cypress Mtn (where some Olympic events will be in less than two weeks) had to bring in some snow from Manning Park this weekend! (I guess it's snowing in some parts of B.C. still!)

*why does the groundhog predict more winter if he sees his shadow? I would figure that the shadow shows that the sun is out, which means spring-like weather! But instead it doesn't. How bizarre is that? No shadow means no sun, means overcast, means too chilly to get up, time to go back to sleep! Just sayin'...

Silly sleepy confused groundhog. But here's a picture of a cute fat groundhog to make you smile.

I just found out that there are more than one groundhog that predicts the weather across Canada! There is Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia, Wiarton Willie in Ontario and Balzac Billy in Alberta. They all predicted a longer winter!


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