Thursday, September 5, 2013

be a blessing

Everyone has their own secret battles; some days are good and some days may cut deep. Do your part that makes their day more enjoyable.

There was an instance when I was laying in the ER last week.  I was tired and I just wanted to rest, but I ached and I was trying to relax and I thought I was doing fine, really; I had held up good for several hours. A woman walked by my little curtained area, she had come in with a friend and was just walking past when we caught each others eyes and she gave me such a wonderful smile. It shone. She didn't just smile to be polite or friendly. Her smile was big, and encouraging and so warm and friendly; it just took me in. I couldn't help by smile back.

As she walked out of my sight, I marveled at her openness and it made me cry. I was so surprised at how her one gesture could effect me, since I had been treated wonderfully by the paramedics, nurses, lab techs, wasn't a fearful or stressful time in the ER. But this woman went beyond being kind and was open and it was so beautiful to have her smile so friendly at me. It comforted me.  She was a blessing to me.

Be a blessing to someone.


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