Sunday, September 1, 2013

Growing Signs

My children are growing! As happy as that is, it is also a bit sad!  This weekend they showed us in various way how they are getting bigger and slowly maturing:

1. They didn't complain about dinner!!!  Yes, this is a big one. You see, my children are complainers, as many North American children (lol...don't we read a lot of articles about how the children in Europe are so much better behaved and don't have neurological disorders or ADD and are able to eat dinners with no whining...?) and they also hate anything "spicy"...even things that aren't spicy! Their palates are quite rudimentary, actually. Now, I don't eat a lot of spicy foods either and I think I'm pretty "boring" compared to what some other people eat, but still!  My kids can't seem to even taste lemon & herb spiced chicken without noticing! So imagine my surprise when they ate some Greek rice tonight that contained some pine nuts and had a bit of spice to it and didn't complain! Instead, Kai just asked for a drink and that's when Bryn pointed out that it was spicy. And that was it!!! I was impressed!  And on top of that, Kai even had seconds of the rice! I think that may have to do with him being stuffed up due to his many allergies that he couldn't really taste it, though.

2. They actually drank water!!!! I know, this is crazy! We have been trying to get them to drink more water, and have successfully trained Bryn to have it at night, but we still have a long way to go. Typically, during the day, they will drink juice. I do buy the "better" type of juice (on the cheaper scale), so it doesn't contain as much sugar as the other brands and has vitamins and it says it's 100% real fruit, but still. I would like it if they'd drink more water. Just like I would love it if I could too. :p  But, tonight, Kai grabbed water at dinnertime, and the kids have been drinking small cups of water throughout the day as they've run inside from playing. Woohoo!  I think getting them nice water bottles for school will help keep it up for the Fall too.

Could it be possible that my children are starting to mature? That I can start planning on taking them out to actual restaurants for meals again?  *smile*


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