Monday, September 2, 2013

peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man....

Oh yes I did!

I canned some peaches this weekend! I am quite proud of myself too!

I probably would've been more proud if I had done it all on my own, but I had help!

Last year, we canned a good 16 jars of peaches and set up an assembly line in our kitchen. MIL was blanching and peeling peaches, Abi was cutting them up and jarring them, Hunny was filling the jars with syrup and heat sealing them. It was a great team. That is, until Abi starting having an allergy attack!  Peaches are on her "possible" list. That is, she is highly allergic (+4) to Alder and Birch, which means, due to cross-pollinating, she could be allergic to hazelnuts, cherries, bananas, peaches, nectarines, kiwi, almonds, apricots, carrots, celery, tomato, chilli pepper, peanuts, papaya, and pineapple. (she has noticed that carrots, tomatoes, kiwi all make her tongue itchy, so we avoid those.) She has no problem eating peaches, so we didn't think anything of it. But then she got really itchy on the inside of her arms, which then quickly spread to her face and her legs, until she was so itchy she was in pain. She didn't break out in hives, thankfully, but we couldn't do anything other than give her some Benedryl and wait for it to work. Poor girl. :(  She can still eat peaches, but she can't touch the outside fuzzy part! (she reacted to the jar of peaches once. I guess it had some residue on it from when we canned them, and it caused a rash of tiny red bumps on her arms.)

This year, the production was smaller. Abi couldn't help me (even though she wanted to), and MIL was busy, and Hunny had plans to read a book. But I was up to the task! I had it all prepared and got myself ready....but then Hunny had to remind me of a few things (what is the syrup solution? how much sugar? how long do I need to keep them in the pot for heat sealing?) I was loosing my self confidence! So Hunny came to my rescue and helped me out.  It meant that I couldn't take all the credit anymore, or prove that I could do it on my own, but it made it go by faster and I knew it would be done right!

I am so blessed that my man grew up doing these strange and neat things (like sewing and cooking and canning!)

Look at those jars of sweet yellow goodness! Mmmm......

ignore the one in the back that is partially full. It didn't seal properly, so we decided to open it now and eat it!  Mmmm...warm sugary peaches. :)

I'm working my way up to canning other things and hopefully will make some jam too!  Our neighbours gave us a bunch of plums off of their tree so I've got to look up recipes. All I can think of is plum sauce to go on top of ice cream or pie. Yum!

And for your listening and watching pleasure, I have added this delightful song back in the day... *big grin*  (and no, you're not too old if you remember this song and still think it's fun!)
Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America


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