Monday, September 9, 2013

Not a Box....but a Robot!

Rhys started preschool this week. Actually, he's only had one day of it, plus one Preschool Orientation day, but he is already in love with school and his teachers! 

When we went to Preschool Orientation last week, he was just bubbling and bouncing! We sat at the circle mat together and listened to a story together, Not A Box by Antoinette Portis.  As she read it, Miss Harmony (the preschool coordinator) asked the children, "Do you have an imagination?" And Rhys eagerly said, "I don't have 'mag 'nation!"  The parents giggled and we all smiled. The other kids then said, "Yes, I do!" and so he changed his mind and agreed he did as well!

Miss Harmony (who is actually married with two children, but I guess "miss" is easier to remember. When Abi and Kai went to preschool, their teacher was Teacher Michelle.) talked about how she did many things over the summer: boating, swimming, driving, camping. One day, while getting the classroom ready for school to begin, she and Miss Nikki (the other preschool teacher) were playing with a box and using their imaginations. She showed the class a picture of her sitting in a box pretending it was a boat.  Then Miss Nikki showed us her picture of what she was imagining the box to be: her sledding down a snowy hill!  Their challenge was to see if the children could go home and find a box and use their imagination with it. The parents could take a picture of it and they would bring it in to show the class!

Rhys was super excited about this idea!  He kept asking for a box for the rest of the day. He was eager  to turn his into a robot!  

Now, if it were just me helping him, I would've cut out some holes for a head and arms and let that be.  After all, it was supposed to be his "mag' nation"!  But since it was Hunny helping him also, for the robot to be a real "imagined" robot, it had to also be covered in foil!  That excited Rhys even more!

Eden didn't want to be left out, so I made her a robot box as well. (without foil!)

They had lots of fun with their box robots that they had a robot dance party!

Definitely Out of the Box-type thinking! 


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