Thursday, September 5, 2013

one of "those" days

Today is a good day to make soup and bake cookies and stay in pjs and maybe turn on the heat! It's a bit chilly this morning and the Youngers and I didn't sleep well last night. :(

It's been a rough day. It feels like one of those days where all I've been doing is fighting with the kids:

Stop shoving your brother! Don't dip your hands in your soup! Don't wipe your arms with the soup! You're not 'cleaning', you're mucking! Stop sucking on your sister's suckie! Give him back his Lego! Don't throw your garbage on the floor! Don't climb on the table! Get off the counter! Put the knife back down! I told you to wait for me! Leave your brother alone! Don't pretend to shoot your sister! Put your penis back in your pants! Don't put your juice into your soup, eww! Stop yelling, I don't care who did it! Why can't you just share your toys? NO, I am not mean, don't call names. Be careful! Stop!


I am glad that in 1 1/2 hours I will leave for the school for the Olders, and (hopefully) the kids will nap!

They aren't any more mean or misbehaving than typical, they are just busy and tired and restless and want to get into everything. I worry that I've already somehow failed Eden though. She can be such a handful and does not listen. She's very headstrong. 

Maybe I"m just far too exhausted to deal with it and it's really not that terrible of a day after all. But I tell you, I am looking forward to nap time!!!


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