Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day! Especially for Rhys!

Not only was it Hot Lunch (what Mom doesn't like that?!) but it was a dress up day (our school always schedules hot lunch with a fun day of some sort). All of the kids had to come to school with a Moustache, to support and celebrate those participating in Movember! Rhys has always loved to pretend to have a moustache, so we knew this would be a fun day for him.

I was going to make moustaches out of felt, but my Hunny had a much cooler idea: he found a bunch of fur used in his fly-tying, and picked up some eyelash glue!  What resulted was the cutest Movember entry!

But not only was it hot lunch and moustache day, but Rhys was also the Special Helper in class, which meant that he got to be the lead of all line ups, and he got to sit in the chair (instead of on the floor) and he got to share something with the class. (He brought along a dress up Duck Dynasty beard that he got for his birthday in the summer, haha; he loves it!)

And, to top it all off.....

Rhys lost his very first tooth on his own!!!

It was funny, he didn't tell me until we had been home for two hours! He mentioned how he had a loose tooth (he'd been telling everyone that!) and that he lost his tooth, so I was confused at first, until I saw that gap!  Apparently, it came out at school, but he couldn't tell me how or where or when; he seemed to forget those parts.  He sure was exicted though!

The day after was his dental appointment, where the dentist claimed him to have no cavities and his 6 year molars were coming in.

Big steps!


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