Monday, November 10, 2014

Swimming Lessons

The Youngers started their swimming lessons last week, and that was exciting.

The kids receive money from Grandma T (who is my husband's 96 year-old grandmother actually) every year for their birthday and for Christmas. Usually I will use it to buy them something they need or I will  put it away for savings (I know, sometimes I'm UN-fun!), but this year I thought I'd do something different and ...well, fun! We used the money to pay for swimming lessons for them. (the Olders didn't want to do lessons)

Our classes run every Monday and Wednesday at the Walnut Grove Pool after school. Now that we've gone through our first week, I have to admit that next time I will either pick a time not so soon after school, or at a location closer to the school.  On our first lesson, I picked up Rhys from his Kindergarten class and then went to the front of the school to meet Bryn, except that he wasn't there and we were waiting for a bit. It turns out that he went back to pick up RhysQ! And, as we were trying to leave the school parking lot, another van parked behind me so that they could jump start the van beside mine. They reminded me that it would "only take a second", after I moaned not-under-my-breath-as-much-as-I-thought, 'don't block me in!". Of course, they were right: it only takes one minute to jump start a vehicle. But I was feeling a bit anxious, so this was a test of my patience. It didn't take long, and soon I was on my way. When I made it to the middle school for the Olders, I got a text from Abi saying that they decided to walk to the elementary school to meet us! So I had to turn around and pick them up. 

Between all of that, we didn't make it to the pool and into the water until 3:45. Did I mention that the lessons were from 3:30 until 4pm? Oh, my stress level was pretty high! The kids only had 15 minutes in the pool with their instructor and I felt rushed and not calm, and embarrassed, and frustrated, and it was just not a very good first day.

The second lesson went slightly better. I decided to pick up the Youngers from school a bit early, and then meet the Olders, and that wasn't too bad. We made it to the pool with five minutes to spare. But in the time it took to get inside and changed, they were still five minutes late.  But that's still better than fifteen though!

This week, we didn't have school, so we were at the pool half an hour early! That was a much more relaxed lesson!

 I'm not too sure what I'm going to do come Wednesday, but I'm thinking I'll get them from school a bit earlier again!  It's a good thing this is just for the month of November!  It's still worth it though. The kids are having fun, and learning about water safety is very important.


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