Friday, November 14, 2014

Young Reader

I was in the school library the other day, chatting with a friend while the kids played on the computers or hung out with their friends after classes.  When it was time to go and I was gathering up the kids to leave, I suddenly realized just how quiet it was in the library. And, yes, I know, they are supposed to be quiet, but well, this is after school for one, and for two, I was referring to the silence of a missing toddler! (can I still refer to her as a toddler?)  Eden is not quiet!  Except for when she is being naughty...or missing.

So we started a search. I couldn't see her out in the open, or obvious places. Did she leave the library? She can't open the doors, but she could slip out if it were opened by another person. And she's plucky enough to go wandering too.

Thankfully, just before the panic could set in, I see her behind a partition of books. She's just sitting on the floor, with a stack beside her, looking through a book quietly!

It reminded me of the stories my Mom would tell of how I would run ahead of them in the local K-Mart but they always knew to find me in the book section!  *smile* I love the simplicity of it. The routine, the surety of my actions, and the innocence of a child running out of sight in a large department store and not causing fear in a parent like today.

Not only was Eden content and quiet, looking at books in a library, but she was reading French books at that! She is obviously a very clever girl!


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