Monday, November 10, 2014

what I've been up to lately

I've been gone a bit, haven't I? Or maybe you hadn't noticed. No big deal.

Funny story...

I have a huge storage container full of scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies that I just do not need anymore. A lot of it from Stampin' Up: retired stamp sets, brand new sets, tools, paper. you name it! I pulled it out of my collection with the hopes of selling it off to make some money. Except that it just hasn't seemed to work well yet. I wasn't able to sell much at all at our yard sale in the summer, and I haven't gotten around to posting it on those swap sites, and when I posted some to the auction sites on FB, they didn't sell. To say I've been frustrated would explain it well!

I came across a post on one of the craft swap pages on FB that was looking for interest in a craft fair for people to barter their items and I was all for it! Maybe this was the way to get rid of my huge stash and make some money for the holidays! The price on the table was good, so I was interested.  However, I began to realize this wasn't going to be one of those types of swap fairs, but an actual craft fair with handmade items and artisans and such. Which posed a question: what would I offer? I have scads of cards laying around, and still plenty of ideas in my head, so that was a route I could take.  Or I could make something entirely new.

Without even knowing for sure, I jumped in and paid for a table!

I was giddy. I was full of enthusiasm.  And I roped my Dad into it as well!  We decided to work on items and do this fair together. Oh, and just to make it more exciting, we only had one month to figure this out!!!

Apparently, I like to live in that eleventh hour....

You can read part two HERE.


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