Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad things only come in threes, right?

 It's been a rough few weeks. Not that I noticed it as being out of the ordinary or anything. Sure, some of these things don't happen often at all (thankfully) but really, it wasn't a concern of mine. Until a co-worker of my husband pointed it out.

He said I have a curse over me. Or maybe he said Hex. Or maybe just a stroke of bad luck. Whatever his actual sentance, he implied that bad things were happening to me.

Starting with my minor-almost-major accident mid-October.  I was innocently backing out of a special order parking spot at a fast food restaurant I'd rather not name but it starts with an Mc. I shoulder checked, saw it was all clear, looked in my side-view mirrors and noticed the large black garbage bin, and then reversed until I heard this horrible Crunch sound. That noise of breaking plastic, and crunching fibreglass. Oh the horrors! I parked and realized, to my shame, that not only was there a large garbage bin to my left (the direction I had to back up in), but directly in front of it was a tall, bright yellow, cement piller. How did I not see that???

My bumper looked terrible! My tail lights were completely gone!

We would have to pay for it to be fixed, but thankfully we do have good insurance coverage, but wow. I felt so silly! How did I not see that tall yellow cement thing? I'm so embarrassed!

But it gets better...

A few weeks later, as I am pulling out of a drive thru lane and onto a busy road, I decided to take the corner a bit tighter so that drivers in the second lane don't get too nervous. You know how it is; you see a vehicle pull into the lane beside you but it always looks like they're going to go into you. I am good at keeping my van in my own lane, but thought I'd be consientous, so I took the right turn more sharp. And heard a Thump and Bump and a large Groan. (The groan was me, along with some frustration.) When I was able to pull over and inspect my van, I see this huge dent in the passenger side sliding door! You have got to be kidding me!  There was a pole just at the corner of where the road and lane met and when I took the turn sharp, my van introduced itself, much to my chagrin.  

Sadly, and coincidentally, this happened in the exact same drive thru lane that my earlier mishap occurred.  My husband thinks that it is a sign that I should stop going through fast food drive thrus. Silly man. It just means I avoid that particular one!

Although I really do need to cut back on those drive thrus. They're just so convenient, and I really do not like cooking!

My third event happened a few weeks later...

I had innocently placed my glasses on my head as I usually do once I get home and started to prepare dinner. I am supposed to wear my glasses all of the time due to my near sightedness, but find that when I am inside and doing basic things I am okay. There isn't too much that I need to see far away. (I do need to put on my glasses if the kids want to show me something from across the room, or I want to watch tv though. And I definitely need them for driving!)  I don't know if this is a normal thing or not, or if my eyes are getting better or what, but it's been this way for a year now.  

With my glasses on my head, I leaned my head down to look at a recipe, and my glasses slid down and hit the floor. Into two pieces!

 That wasn't very impressive!  Of course, I don't have a replacement-back up pair.

(think anyone will notice?)

I tried a hot glue gun repair, but that didn't work. I even tried some pretty decorative washi tape, but that was only a very temporary fix.  Finally my sister suggested Gorilla Glue, since she had seen a commercial on tv how it fixed some glasses. And, hey, look at that, it worked!  The only problem is that they made my glasses look so terrible and messy, and the strong glue chemicals (or whatever it was) made my eyes sting and hurt after a while.  But I could see. Mostly.  Just until I could get a new pair of glasses, which I ordered from clearlycontacts. (If you haven't ordered contacts or glasses from them, I would recommend them! They have great selection and even better prices! I managed to pick up my new ones by Bebe at only $69, which was a blessing since we didn't have an emergency glasses fund.  Since Clearly Contacts is based out of Vancouver, it only took 3 business days for the pair to arrive! Yes!) *

So there you have it. Three accidents within 5 weeks!

I am really hoping that my Hunny's co-worker is correct and that bad things only happen in threes. That means I'm covered for a while, and things will go more smoothly now, right?

* I wasn't paid to say that about Clearly Contacts, although that would've been nice!  This is just my own opinion based upon buying glasses from them online for a few years now.


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