Saturday, December 20, 2014

Incomplete Referral

I received a letter from  Sunny Hill Development Centre this week. For a moment I actually thought that maybe, just maybe, our pediatrician sent in a referral form again without seeing us...sort of like a Christmas Miracle...and we were getting confirmation.  But, yeah, that wasn't it. It was another notice to let us know that the Referral was Incomplete and they aren't able to do anything for us until they receive these papers. This was the second request they have sent, the first one being in November 2013. *sigh*  I remember receiving the first one, in January of this year, and thinking that I'd be able to let the doctor do her part on her own, only to talk to the Centre in July and learned that they Closed our file before it could even really be opened. It was so disappointing.

Ever since then, we've been given the run-around by everyone. Our own family doctor is trying to help us out where she can, by talking to Sunny Hill and by sending off a letter professionally suggesting that the doctor should help us out and get those files sent, but she can only do so much. Unfortuately, those forms need to be filled out by a specialist.

We did have the pediatrician's office call me last month letting me know that it wasn't their fault that the forms weren't filled out correctly, but the locum doctor who was on while our ped was on maternity leave. She filled them out in August of 2013. However, the first notice from Sunny Hill was sent in November, when our pediatrician was back at work full time, making it her fault for not following up.

We were told, however, that she would fill the forms out again and send them off for us, but we had to get a referral from our family doctor to see her first and she'd do have to do another check up on Rhys, since it has been a year since we've been there. 

I told my doctor, who supposedly sent off that referral, but we haven't heard anything back yet.

After this letter, I am feeling so done with this pediatrician.  We haven't liked her since the beginning when she was caring for Kai in 2004-05, but I stuck with her because it was easier than finding a new doctor and having to go through the whole process all over again.  But I have decided to get over those feelings of misplaced loyalty. When I saw our family doctor this week and showed her the letter, I requested a new pediatrician. I will ask at Dr Tandan's office for our files. Hopefully 2015 will get us somewhere.  All we want is an assessment done on Rhys!

He is doing so well in Kindergarten and does fit in well there; in fact he is blossoming! He is full of excitement and energy and loves to go!  I don't have any doubts with him being there at all!  

At our parent-teacher interview in November, the teacher talked of how he loves school, and is helpful and offers to help out a lot (we see that at home too). He loves to give hugs, but he is learning to do high-fives more (remember our Speech Therapist saying he needed to work on that? it was sad, but it's gotten better!), although he has no concept of personal space! haha. Don't we know it! Her report was written very positive, but she mentioned how he "can be silly" and sometimes he goes off task at carpet time, so he's a bit delayed in that way. As well as in Speech. I'm not too sure what they will do about that yet. We haven't heard from the Education Assistant yet, but I will be meeting with her in the new year. He is starting to remember names and letters too, but not nearly as many as he should be. But I am so happy with how much he has gained already since starting school full time!

Sometimes I want to pretend all is fine and normal with him, but there are signs that make him "different", and I don't know how to help him. He isn't doing "too bad". But these things need to be addressed before he gets too old and they can't be.


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