Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I pulled out all the ingredients for Olliebollen today. (Well, that is, after my Hunny picked up some of the ones that I needed.)  That must mean only one thing: it's New Year's Eve!

For those who don't know, Olliebollen is a Dutch donut, traditionally made on December 31st. I grew up with my Mom always making it, and when I got engaged, she added it to a recipe book for me. After missing it our first NYE (I didn't make it and we didn't make it out to see my parents), I decided to make it myself.  It's actually quite easy, but it does take some time. And concentration. (you need to be able to deep fry, and prepare the cooked ones, at the same time, while not burning anything or yourself. Hot oil can be dangerous to cook with.)

After mixing the ingredients, you let the dough sit for about 2 hours to rise.

 Then you prep for all the steps.

Step one:  you deep fry those little balls of dough. Yum!

Step two: let the balls dry out for a few seconds on some paper towels (just to catch some of the oil)

Step three: drop the donuts into icing sugar and coat them good.

Step four: eat and enjoy those yummy balls of goodness!

I had a family member suggest that Olliebollen was similar to Dutchies at Tim Hortons. I had to laugh when my brother responded that they were" similar in the same way that hamburgers were similar to steak!"  Olliebollen contain raisins, pineapple and apple; they are also lighter. I think Dutchies also have cinnamon, where Olliebollen doesn't.  My Hunny said that the old fashioned fritters that Timmys used to have were more similar, but I don't know. I never ate them. They never looked good to me!

Do you have any special traditions for tonight?  I'm the late-night person in this house, but my husband isn't. After the Youngers are in bed, we may watch some tv shows or a movie together (he really wants to see the Duck Dynasty special where they are in Scotland, which is on tonight), then he'll be in bed by 10:30pm.  Then the Olders and I will stay up and watch a movie. Last year, we watched The Hobbit pt 1 until 3am! (we had to watch all of the extra features, of course.)

Have fun tonight! May it be fun and full of memories over the blessings of the year, and may you be surrounded by those you love.  Happy New Year!


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