Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Babies Everywhere!

I'm surrounded by pregnant (or formerly pregnant) ladies and it's such a strange feeling when I realize that! In June, a good friend of mine in CO, had her sixth child, a girl named Amberly (isn't that so cute? I've never heard of it before) Another friend living in TX had her second child, a girl, just recently. A friend of mine from church is having twin girls (her first and second, lol)...I'm so giddy I could squeal!! Abi's old grade 1 teacher is having twins girls as well *squeal*...{even though that means that she won't be at LCS for when Kai goes to grade 1. *sigh* Oh well. As long as she visits with her darlings. *smile* } Then last month, the most wonderful news arrived to me through FB: my BFF was pregnant!!! Yes, the one whom I visited while terribly sick with strep throat in April for her wedding!!! (a honeymoon pregnancy, perhaps? lol) *doing my happy dance*
(am I missing any preggo friends???)

Babies babies everywhere! And they're all girls...although Heather is convinced already that she's having a boy! But that's only b/c she's always wanted boys that there is no room for her to even have a girl, lol! Let's hope for her sake, she's right!!!

And I'll admit, I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me wish, dream, long, or even think of another baby. My own baby is still just that though, having only turned one year old. And really, it would be foolish of me to consider having another, not when I'm still sorting out my health (which I am happy to say is on the up side now that my thyroid meds have been played around with again, weeeee!) and I still need to lose a good 35 lbs. But this is a sickness. I'm sure it is. Some women long for new clothes, shoes or purses. Some for that dream man. But me? I dream of babies. Lots and lots of babies. Babies that turn into toddlers, that run around full speed, yelling and drawing on everything (not that I caught my son drawing on my fridge today, not at all) Toddlers that turn into school age children, who are full of learning, curiosity, insight and innocence. Children that grow into teenagers who develop their sense of being, who begin to exert their independance and build upon their character. And teenagers who...*sob* turn into adults and leave the nest. (Okay, I'm not ready for that yet!) I love EVERY stage of a child's life. They're all different and challenging and all so wonderful. I have this picture in my head of a nice farm house, and that house is full ...of love, family, memories...and there are kids everywhere! My kids, neighbour kids, cousin-kids, friend's kids...

But we're not ready. This isn't the right time. Yet. And who knows, maybe we won't even have another child. Maybe that ellusive "right time" will never come and we find out house and family full enough with the four we have. Maybe we get so busy with other things, friends and activities. And that's okay with me. I'd like to have one more girl, I've always been open about that to everyone who asks, lol. But I am also open to God's interpretation on that!

We're definitely not trying now!

Moving along... in my excitement for my BFF, I made her a congratulatory card.

I used the Wagon Full of Fun stamp set. This one is retired (which I was so sad to see. I hadn't even used it to it's full potential yet! I still have it though, tucked away, but am sad I can't pull it out for my classes) When I saw this set, in the Spring '09 mini, I envisioned this card, and so here it finally is!
recipe: (all SU!) wagon full of fun stamps, kraft c/s, perfect plum c/s, certainly celery c/s, whisper white c/s, watercolour pencils, blender pens.

It's a fairly simple card, nothing fancy. But I loved the way it turned out! I stamped the wagon image out twice and raised the second layer on dimensionals.

I'll have to make sure I pull this set out more!


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