Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Months ago, maybe even years ago, we always talked about getting a Bunny. (I've always one. okay, maybe not always, but often or lately or for a long time, at least!) When Abi finished grade two in June, we made a deal with her. If she could keep her room clean for Two Whole Weeks (which I swear--except that I don't--was only for One Week, but her Daddy insists it was Two!!!) that we would Consider getting her a bunny of her own. (Daddys make it so tough, don't they?)

Two weeks pass and she fulfilled her end of the deal. Except by then we couldn't b/c we didn't have enough money for a bunny and all the things needed to have one. It wasn't until midway through July that Hunny surprised us all!

We were driving to go visit my parents and my brother and his family and go to a big extended-family BBQ (I'll blog about that real soon!) when Hunny decided to stop at a pet store that was closing out. He wanted to see the prices of bunny cages, and we left the store with a whole bunny kit for 50% Off! Then we made our way across the street to a small pet store to pick out a bunny. The one we chose was also cheaper than the others b/c he was a month older and "less cute". Yay! (he was 3 months old)

At first, the kids wanted to name him Fluffy. They LOVE him!!! (yes, the bunny is a "he")
We set up the large cage in my parent's front yard (it was such a nice warm day) so that he could have some nice breeze and that it wouldn't take up my parent's house (after all, this wasn't a planned thing, so none of us were expecting to need extra space! Hunny had to juggle around the double-stroller so the cage would fit in to the van!) I kept coming out to see Bryn leaning in to pet the bunny! It looked like he was going to fall in!

We ended up having to take Fluffy with us to our friend's house for a BBQ that evening, but thankfully that was okay. We sat outside in the backyard and there was plenty of space for the cage. The kids even took him out a few times, to nibble on the grass and bounce around a bit. Fluffy actually even walked! I didn't know they could move in ways other than just hopping! It was neat to watch him get up on his hind feet and then take a quick small step!

By the next morning, the kids couldn't remember the name they chose, so they began to call him Thumper. I suggested Tibbar (backwards for Rabbit) but they didn't like it! Oh well! I call him both!

Bunnies are social animals and need to exercise and be with other bunnies, so we're thinking we need to get another one! However, another male with just fight with him (they're territorial) so the only option is a female. But we all know what happens when boy bunnies and girl bunnies get together.... *wink* Hunny has a good cook book which has a Bunny Stew recipe so it's all good! Plus, bunnies make great birthday gifts...don't they? Hunny has already told Kai that if he can keep his room clean for two weeks.... LOL...but he hasn't yet, so who knows when that'll happen.

It hasn't even been a full month yet, and I can already see how Thumper has grown. He's used to his cage and seems okay in our house, even getting used to us. Every day, Abi lets him out onto her bed for "exercise", and the thing hops and explores and looks to the floor, wondering if it wants to attempt the drop to the floor! He's too little for that now (thankfully) but we'll have to make an actual area for it to get out and 'stretch it's legs' a bit soon.

He's a cutie and I love snuggling with it nightly...even though I can't tell if he enjoys it as much!


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