Monday, August 24, 2009

not me monday 8/24

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. It's great therapy!

This week, I did not add two items to my To Do list today that I had already done just so I could check them off! That's unnecessary and only self-serving, something I am not interested in.

I also did not put a Pull Up on my potty-training son just b/c I was sick of washing wet underwear and wanted to quit, knowing he had to go to the bathroom soon. That would confuse the child and defeat the purpose of training, and I do not give up, nope! not me!

I certainly did NOT leave my clean clothes in a pile on the floor b/c I didn't feel like folding them. For four days. That's messy and rediculous! I love folding and lovelovelove putting away clothes and I know that chores such as these only builds character and I know that I am teaching my children to follow through with tasks. So that isn't something I'd do. Nope.

I most definitely did not have a nap when I put my Baby Honey down for one, while the older ones were watching a movie. What a silly idea! Who told you that? Did Steve tell you? Steve! (I also do not have an unhealthy infatuation with Flight of the Conchords and don't often have bits of their stuff popping into my head that most others don't understand!)

I didn't go to two wrong doors this week while looking for a house of an aquaintance, even though I've been there before! I also didn't need to call another friend to repeat the address for me b/c I didn't need her to since I had written it down the first time. Do I really look that forgetful? The drive was only 10 minutes at most!

I also didn't tell a customer one thing then tell her something different the next day just to have her correct me with the first info. Of course not! I always remember what I say and can keep needed info in my brain. I never put my feet in my mouth and embarrass myself. Nope, this girl's got it together!

I most certainly did NOT totally mess up my medications by giving myself 70% LESS than what I needed, thus screwing up my hormones and giving myself One Terrible Day. And I absolutely did NOT make up that percentage number either. That's just silly and misleading, even if it does only embellish a true story.

I didn't avoid the phone the other day, knowing it was my Hunny calling just b/c I didn't feel like apologizing yet for being a jerk and moody to him. Nope. Not me. I always set my mistakes right as soon as possible, if and when I ever make any! And when I do apologize, it is definitely NOT through a 2-sentance text message. Everything is done in a timely, polite, face-to-face manner. As if.

This morning, I did not open the peanut butter jar for my 3-year old and leave him unsupervised for 10 minutes. That's not smart and very messy! My son did not proceed to eat spoonfuls of the PB and leave splotches of it all over the counter. I'm a much more organized mommy than that!

I also did not threaten to lock my older DS in the bathroom if he didn't start behaving! Not only is that cruel, but I also wouldn't be able to follow through with it as the door doesn't lock from the outside! This is the actioon of a truely desperate mom, of which I never am.

Last night, I didn't grab towels to cover a wet crib sheet b/c I didn't feel like chaning everything at 2am either. I also didn't just strip Baby Honey of wet pjs and cover him with a heavy blanket for warmth. No matter what the time, I always do the job and do it right! I'm that kind of mom; the thoughtful and caring one!

And speaking of what a wonderful Mom I am, I didn't fall asleep tonight in Bryn's bed when I was reading him a bedtime story! Nope. It was his bedtime and I was only interested in getting him settled. His bed isn't comfy and bedtime doesn't call my name when it should be calling his.

Okay. I did it. Can you stand to be brutally honest? I promise you'll live to tell about it. If you check out MckMama's site, you'll see that she (and several others) did a "not my child" monday. It's up to you which you'd rather do, but do participate! If you don't want to add a link at MckMama's site, leave one here in my comments. I'd love to hear what you haven't been doing!!!


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