Monday, August 3, 2009

my own MckNuggey

If you've been following MckMama's blog, like I've told you many many times, you'll get to know her 4 MSC (many small children). Her second-born, C, is such a cutie...actually they ALL are!...but it's C that I am particularly talking about here. On MckMama's blog, he is referred to as MckNugget. (teehee) He sports this awesome faux hawk, and I love it! He just only turned 3!!!! Check the future heartbreaker here. but his best look is on the right hand side, if you scroll down a bit, in his own description.

How does this connect with me? Well, we've been needing to give Kai a haircut for the longest time, and well, Hunny wouldn't let me grow it out ("but, Hunny, all the cool kids in our church have long hair nowadays!!!"...which is oddly true!) So we've been joking about him getting it buzzed short like his Daddy's, which Kai (nor I really) would agree to. So we suggested a mohawk! Suddenly out of the blue, he actually consented to it!!! I showed him pictures of what it would look like...of course, turning right to MckMama's site...and he got pretty excited! (he also wanted to meet the MckFamily and play with the boys, but well, they live in the Frozen Tundra, which is so not where we live right now with this heat!)

Not wanting to lose his new-found sense of braveness, I told Hunny to quickly grab his clippers! (this from the mother who would not even let her Hunny discuss pulling out that scary contraption anywhere near her wee bairns a few weeks earlier! 'tis true.) Within 10 minutes, my Little Man..oh wait, he doesn't like to be called that. He insists he isn't a Baby or Little, which is true, and he's also not a Man, which is also true. He doesn't get it....but that aside... my Hunny had Bud sitting in a chair, with his eyes squeezed tight (as to not have hair drop into them, having been caught in his long tenticle eyelashes that my boys all seem to have) and the clippers buzzing by his ears. We should declare ourselves fortunate that Kai didn't lose an ear or an eyebrow or a clump of hair where he wasn't supposed to, since the silly boy just would NOT sit still! It's also a wonder that Hunny still cuts his hair since he NEVER sits still for them!!!

After the process was over, he had to jump into the bathtub to wash the stray strands of blonde off himself, and so that Hunny could colour his fauxhawk! With Canada Day approaching (yes, this is old news, lol! This occurred on June 30th) I convinced Kai that it would be cool to have red hair to celebrate Canada's Birthday the next day, so we pulled out a package of Koolaid. Now, I've never done this before, but I have heard that you can dye hair with koolaid. Hunny suggested it, but I learned later that he hadn't a clue how to do it either! Our process included adding the koolaid crystals to Kai's wet hair while he was still in the tub.

That turned out to be the shortest colouring I'd ever witnessed! He only had the crystals on his hair not even 2 mintues and he started to complain that it was stinging him! We quickly washed it out, but his scalp was pretty itchy for a bit. I felt terrible! I'd never heard of having a reaction to Koolaid crystals...but why not? They do contain a lot of dyes, and I've heard that Red and Yellow dyes are terrible for children. :( That made me sad, but thankfully it didn't seem to effect him much afterwards. I managed to get one great pic of his hawk (before the washout)

He's my handsome little Canuck! (who looks an awful lot like his Uncle Mark!!!)

His red dye job faded pretty fast, but for the most parts lasted a good week! He spiked his hair every day during that week too, but now has grown bored of doing that. (I even ran out to the grocery store at 8pm for a gel to spike it up too that night! I never pictured myself doing that for my son anytime soon, that's for certain!) I don't mind the look of it when it's down, and neither does he. I wonder if he'll want to buzz it again this month, now that most of it is growing out. Maybe start Grade One with a fauxhawk? I thought it was interesting that MIL didn't like the look, but my parents thought it was neat on him! (not that I had a specific response in mind; I just found it interesting.)

I'm proud of Kai for trying something new and for being nonchalont about it as well. He surprised me! He's growing up. *sigh*


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