Friday, August 28, 2009

what was I thinking???

It started out oh-so simple. I was watching a thread on a forum I'm a part of (it's my extended SU! family that my up-up-up-up-up..and so forth...line started) on a Punch Art Swap. Now, I've never really been interested in punch art. It's okaaaay...if you're into that. But I'm not. It's ...too...perfect. The lines are perfect, the shapes are perfect, the punch perfect.... the art is too cute, and whimsical, and not me at all! So after a while, I just bypassed reading the posts. Until I saw that someone had to drop out of the swap and the came the call out. "Is anyone interested in taking the last place???"

And, I don't know what possessed my fingers to do so, but before I could think or even bargain with or stop them, they instantly replied all giddy-like, "sure! count me in!"

WT???? Are these fingers MINE??? Do they not know how much I'm not fond of Punch Art?

But there was this cute (yes, I said CUTE) punch art penguin I saw last year and found it online again that I want to make. Why not do it now? It'll be fun! After all, if I didn't say yes, then who knows when I'd ever get around to it? Right?

But wait! My fingers didn't take into account everything. Such as.... I Don't even own HALF of the punches needed for this project!!!!! But I can't back out of it now; I'd feel so embarrassed! How in the world am I supposed to make 25 of these two weeks...without owning all the punches needed? Good grief! What was I thinking????


So yeah, I'm still working on that. I've collected most of the punches so far from begging and borrowing from friends. And I think I've got a solution for some of the circle punches. ...H'mm....

*shaking head*

I'll let you know how it turns out...


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