Thursday, February 11, 2010


To amass cost over Christmas, Hunny decided to help the kids make gifts for eachother. For the boys, Abi helped paint and glue together some stick horses (which are sadly already broken). For Abi, Hunny found a really interesting game online that we'd never heard of before. Mancala. It's a game that's been around for centuries and originated in Africa, played by digging our holes in the ground and moving rocks. Hunny made his board out of pine and he bought a bunch of marbles. (however, we discovered marbles were a bit too big and should've gone with something smaller. They still work though, they just fill the holes up!)

Hunny found a good tutorial for the game with like 10 videos (I'm a visual learner, ok?) but I can't find it again. But this one seems good. (it has written and visual instructions) When he explained it to Abi on Christmas, she caught on quite fast! It's deceptively simple, yet still a tricky game and she quickly kicked everyone's butts! Us adults were trying to figure out her stragedy, but finally realized that we had to play opposite of how we normally would. (You don't necessarily want to be the first to get rid of your marbles, when most games teach you to be first out!)

It's a great game for most kids who are learning to count, too, and Kai had fun playing. It's a fun family game. (well, for two players...and taking turns, that is! what I meant was that most ages can play it!) Two thumbs up! Try it out for yourself!


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