Tuesday, February 16, 2010

magical marquee card

I came across this awesome card on the wonderful Jan Tink's blog and knew I had to teach it to my 10x10 Club last month! It's a card that when you open it, these flaps open up like a curtain to show a message or picture from behind. It looks like a theatre curtain. Very cool!

The card was incredibly easy to put together...it was just the front that we had difficulty with. Jan made her using the Circle Scissors Plus, which would be great, but I was teaching 6 ladies and knew that wouldn't be an option, as that would take forever for us all to use the thing. Plus, I'm still working on mastering the blasted circle maker as it is! And everyone would have their scallop circle punch different to their own style as well, so I couldn't pre-cut circles out either. Or maybe I'm wrong. *shrugs* So I had to think of a solution. First, I used the scallop circle punch for the front pieces, but that got tough by the third layer. Then I thought of using larger circle punches! That wasn't the easiest either, but it worked!

On the night of the class, we actually all brainstormed on better solutions, and my lovely sister came up with the idea of tracing the circle instead of using a mask, and I must say it worked out so much better! At least for me!

Of course, none of this makes sense without seeing the card or Jan's samples and instruction video! So, here, check out the card we made in the class. This one actually isn't even mine, but my lovely sister, Julie Royer's! *smile* She fiddled around with centering the circles and having the red show up beneath. Then she added a punched heart on top of the "curtain", just to cover up the lines of where the two pieces intersect (but not stuck down with adhesive on one side so it can open). That wasn't in the original card I designed, but I love it! Wish I'd come up with it! This card uses the brand-new DSP that I LOVE called "Sending Love" and a new Pretty in Pink epoxy brad, both of which are in the new mini catalogue.

Julie worked hard on the inside, making it so that you couldn't see the curtain bits after you opened the card. It turned out really nice!

I'm so happy with this card! I hope you'll check out Jan's video tutorial and try it out for yourself!


Janine said...

So glad you enjoyed the card...it turned out GOJUS!!!

FieryCanuck77 said...

thanks, Jan! Your video tutorial made it easy to recreate! :)

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