Friday, February 12, 2010


"What is your wish?"

My what? My wish? The question threw me off. Bryn asked me that on the drive home from a "quick" family trip to WalMart. "Uhm, I don't know, sweetie. What is your wish?" I counter.

"I wish it wasn't so dark outside."

I laugh. "Yes, it is pretty dark. But if it weren't dark, we'd never be able to sleep, and if we didn't sleep, we couldn't get strong and grow." Not to mention I'd go insane, but I decide not to add that.

Bryn chatters on about the dark and not wanting to go to bed, and Kai adds his bit. Then the question comes again. "Mom? What is your wish?"

Uhm. I think quickly. "I wish Rhys would sleep through the night!" Let's go with honesty. Yeah, because three-year-olds love that in conversations about wishes.

"No-o-o,' he replies. "I know what you wish!"

"You do?"

"Yes. I'll tell you what you wish," he asserts from the backseat.

I smile. This should be good. "Ok. What do I wish?"

"You wish I was a Wall-e!"

"I wish you were a Wall-e?" I crinkle my nose in slight confusion.

"No-o-o. You were a Wall-e," he corrects.

Oh. Of course. I wish I were a Wall-e. "And what would I do if I were a Wall-e?"

"Then you could fly!" Bryn is so confident in his answer and sounds quite proud of himself.

"But Wall-e can't fly. He doesn't have wings, " I point out. Somehow my reasoning falls on deaf ears, so I add, "Wall-e could only fly because of Eve and with the fire extinguisher." (except that I can't remember what it's called, so I call it a "blowy thingy". I'm smart like that.)

"Yeah," Bryn jumps in with excitement. "Then you could fly!" I can hear in his voice the happiness that I've finally clued in to his theory.

The wishes of a 3yo are so imaginative. But I still wish Rhys would sleep through the night!


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