Saturday, February 13, 2010

for no apparent reason

We were driving back from a "quick" family trip to WalMart when we decided to drive around the new neighbourhood a bit. There was a new Thrifty Foods that just opened up last week and Hunny was curious where. So we drove here and there and turned around and tried a new street, all the while with the kids asking in the backseat, "where are we going?" "Why are we turning?" "Why are we here?" Ok, so those all came from Kai, but I swear my children have no sense of adventure!

Finally, we saw a giant shopping cart on a corner pointing out the direction that we somehow missed earlier. So we turned, and then around because we went into an unfinished parking lot that was closed off. They should really think of turning on the lot lights.

And then there it was. Thrifty Foods. A grocery store. Tucked in a dark corner. Yahoo. Now the mystery was solved. So Hunny steered us out of the parking lot maze and we headed towards home. Seven minutes into our drive, Bryn pipes up from the backseat, "Are we going to the store?"

"Hmm? What store, honey?"

"The store," he insists.

"Oh. The one we were looking for?"


"Oh, we were just looking for it, " I reply.

There is a pause. Then, "Why?"

"We didn't know where it was, so we wanted to find it. And we did!"

"We're not going to go inside shopping?" he asked incredulously.

I smile at his honest shock and utter confusion. "No," I say cheerfully. "We were just looking!"


It's too much for the poor boy's mind to take. I knew I needed to switch tactics. He just wasn't going to understand why we would search out a store and not intend to go inside! "We're going to go another night."

That seemed to satisfy him, thankfully. And I am reminded that we need to go on more Sunday Drives. My children just don't get it.


Aaron said...

Yup, it's all in the getting there:)

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