Friday, October 31, 2014


I always seem to pull this out last-minute, but we did get it done again this year, and on time! That is, the night before Hallowe'en! I managed to find a night where we had nothing else on and we were all well enough to participate and snuck it in after dinner. That meant having to cancel a coffee date with a friend, but it's been so incredibly busy and stressful lately that I just needed a night in with family time. It also meant late bedtimes for the kids, but they didn't mind!

I was impressed with this year's creations.

First we had to remove the tops, then scoop out the guts. The kids didn't mind that part this time; they are growing up! 

  (shaking out all of the goo!)

 Then they made their designs with markers. The Youngers needed some help and encouragement with that, but they were all excited with their faces, especially since Kai drew for them!


 (Abi decided to go a more detailed route and drew a chibi Princess Anna!)

Then we got to carving!  The kids got these pumpkin kits as take-home gifts from their cousins' birthday party (which I thought was pretty clever), so they were excited to pull them out and use. 

 Even Eden had a go at her pumpkin with the serrated knife. Yes, I am a dangerous Mom!  (I hadn't been too bothered with the other kids using knives on their pumpkins before, as evidenced here, but for some reason this little girl made me nervous! eek!)

 After I finished our pumpkin, I mean *her* pumpkin, Eden wanted to add some more details to it. She would still be colouring it if I hadn't taken away the marker and put her into the bath! Those dry erase markers don't stay on pumpkins, but end up giving kids (and Moms) green hands!

 (Abi even helped out Rhys with his carving.  I love my kids and their willingness to help eachother out!)

The finished products:

 (Eden is quite excited about her moustachiod man!)

(Rhys and his ghosty guy!)

 (Bryn had fun with his uni-brow? cyclopes?)

(Kai and his sly-looking fellow! So cute!)

 (Abi's Princess Anna, from Frozen, turned out great!  too bad I couldn't get a good picture with her beside it!)

It's neat to see how their talents are growing in pumpkin carving! 

At school, Kai's grade 6 class held a fundraiser for their sister school in Gondo, Africa. You could decorate a pumpkin for just $5 during lunch recess, and the proceeds went to towards building a playground at the school.  Kai had fun with his! I love all of the toothpicks, and the moustache!

His impressed others too as he won first place (there were 5 winners) Not too bad!

It was a good day all around!

Have a fun and safe Hallowe'en, whatever you are doing!


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