Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Needed Reminder

I have been feeling so much stress lately due to my kids being sick. I haven't slept. I have been worrying about what to do next, how I could help, and just feeling overwhelmed. So much so that on last Friday night, I was done. Done with my week. Done with everything. I just wanted to curl up in a ball in my bed, eating chocolate alone in the dark.

And I saw this:

Lord, look -- we're facing some big things.
And You whisper: "Child, look -- look at Me.
Now You're facing the Best thing, who dwarfs all the other things."
And we exhale.. and we get it, God, because that is the thing:
Prayer isn't so much to remind our God of what all the problems are --
but to remind all the problems of who our God is.

And You cup us close tonight and tell us: No matter what you're facing, look into My face -- and know it, feel it: Your God is greater than what you're trying to face, your God is bigger than what you're trying to escape, your God is better than anything you're trying to chase.
And our problems fade in the light of Your gentle face, Your tender embrace....

It was on Ann Voskamp's FB page and it was just what I needed to read.

I had to stop and consider something after that. Just how much of this unnecessary stress that I was carrying was brought before my Lord? The one who holds the earth in place, who put breath in my lungs, created me and knows my innermost being, how much have I shared with Him? 

It wasn't guilt that hit me that night. But more of a silence. What is there to say when you are face to face with the truth? 

I hold on to things and I struggle to let go. Even when I want to. It is such a habit of mine to think that I can carry it all, and to fail miserably when I can't, and then to feel depressed when I fall. Isn't it so encouraging to know that He picks you back up again, without judgement or anger, and just holds you? What love!   Maybe when I struggle with trying to do it all, I need to remember that I am not meant to, and that He is the one who is Greater.  I don't need to carry this. It's going to be okay.


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