Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Welcome back to Thankful Thursday, a feature started by Louise at Talk Nerdy to Me, where we look back over our week to remember our blessings.  It is so good to see the good things that have happened, especially if you have had a particularly tough week. Being grateful is good for the soul. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for...

1. On the Mend

I am so incredibly thankful that it appears that we are on the mend!

2.  Birthday Parties

Eden was invited to her first birthday party; it was for our neighbour's girl, who just turned three!  That was exciting! In the end, Rhys and Bryn were invited also, so that they could play with Joanna's older brother, Josh, who is their friend.  It was a fun afternoon at Go Bananas!


I was impressed watching Eden climb up those landings to get to the slide. A few months ago, she needed help. Not anymore! She is getting bigger!

3. Little Helpers

Due to so much cold and flu hanging around out house, I wasn't able to do much cleaning, and our house still looked like Christmas threw up all over the place!  On the weekend, I put on some fun music (some old school Newsboys!) and pulled out fun cleaning supplies (like the Swiffer and sponges) and suddenly the Youngers wanted to help too!

 {even princesses have to clean!}

4. Encouragement from Friends

To be honest, what helped a lot this past week was the comments, prayers, encouragement and just a sympathetic ear from my friends, online and in person! I am so thankful for FB and for my online support groups (chatting with other moms who deal with the same issues you is amazing), and for friends who who let you cry and vent!

5. Double date...with chaperones

We finally were able to go see The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies with our friends this past weekend. It was a fun double date. Except that we had brought along Kai and his best friend as well!  What a great movie!  I am looking forward to starting our Tolkien-a-thons in the future! (The Hobbit triology followed by TLOTR trilogy)

6. Sunshine

I was so happy when I noticed this week that the sun was coming up before 7:30am...and staying out until after 4:30pm! Woohoo! That means that longer days are coming and sunshine is staying and Spring is on it's way!!!  It is good to have hope again!

7. Recipes that suprise you!

I meant to make brownies this week, so I started to mix together the first two ingredients in a bowl from memory. (it's unsweetened chocolate and butter) I didn't have the other memorized yet, so I consulted my recipe card. As I'm mixing them, it all sounded good and proper, but the card also didn't look right. Of course, as I'm mixing everything in, I realize that I had the wrong recipe card! Oops!  

In the end, I made Brownie Sugar Cookies. And they were yummy! Not too bad for a mistake!

8.  Thieves that are picky

I discovered yesterday afternoon that my van had been broken into. That is, my neighbour pointed out that my van door looked strange. And when I say "broken into", I really mean that they opened the door that I had accidentally left unlocked.  I was hoping that maybe one of the kids had left it open slightly, but when I went to investigate, I recognized it right away by the unwrapped gift in the backseat.  We had left a gift in the trunk since we were expecting to see someone over Christmas but plans fell through so it stayed back there. The would-be thief opened it up and discovered a Nerf gun. I guess they don't care for those since they left it behind! They also didn't take any CDs (our musical tastes aren't up to typical standards I guess) and my insurance papers were still there. 

The thief(ves) was hoping to grab something for an easy sale for money, but couldn't find anything worth while. Which is quite the relief, and also laughable!  I am thankful that nothing was stolen. I am also so thankful that they didn't destroy anything just to be jerks, as some are want to do. And I am also thankful that they didn't smash my windoes to get into the van. (I'm assuming they targeted my van since they saw it was unlocked. Maybe if I had remembered to lock it, they would have walked on)

9. New Teeth

Rhys' second tooth came out this evening. He wasn't too sure about that since he wasn't expecting it to; it came out when he tried to pull apart some Lego with his teeth, so it was painful and was bleeding. But it is exciting, and maybe he will be more excited once that silly Tooth Fairy visits and leaves him something!

10. Easy Catch-Up

I met with both Kai's and Abi's teachers and managed to pick up any homework of things they missed over last week.  I am so thankful, and pleased, that they are both caring and compassionate for my kids' illness (some ongoing...), and that they didn't overload them with projects and assignments! It's actually almost funny just how little work they have to do. I guess in being sick they just miss out on these things; too bad for the rest of the class!

Not too many photos this week, sorry.
It's just a small glimpse of my week. How was your week?  What are you thankful for? If you start your own list, let me know. I'd love to read it!


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