Sunday, January 11, 2015

mornings with jesus

This came across my newsfeed on FB and I had to repost it here!

it is a super funny video that just needs to be considered for our pre-morning worship at church! Church Appropriate Dance Moves  << click on this link here

Who doesn't need a good morning dance to get yourself into the sprirt of worship? I personally love The  Resurrection  and Crush the Serpent's Head and Holy Spirit Free Style and Jesus In The Temple (throwing those tables) and Lot's Wife (salt salt salt salt...) and  The many fun ones!  

"no, I'm not going to puke!"

I wonder if I could do all five minutes of it? Forbidden Fruit at least gives you a bit of a breather...So many great dance moves I need to learn!!!

This is filled with all kinds of awesome!  is the full URL, if you need to look it up)


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