Thursday, January 22, 2015

Family Field Trip

I let my kids skip school earlier this week!  It was actually their Father's idea! I know, how unusual for him, but he thought it would be something fun to do. Our annual membership to the Vancouver Aquarium was coming to an end and so why not take one last trip downtown? He took the day off of work and we planned to surprise the kids in the morning.

Our first plan of action was to not set our alarms, but to sleep in. Of course, this is my husband, who doesn't know how to sleep in, but that just meant that we could plan it more accurately. He got out of the shower and woke me up and then rushed into the room, yelling at the kids that we were late, we slept in, let's get moving, we have no time for breakfast, let's go!  I was surprised at how calmly the kids were, and how much they didn't grumble!

Our ruse was to say that we had to head into Surrey to drop off Hunny at the skytrain station. That was just so they didn't question why we were going the opposite direction of their school. But then, we stopped at the SMH Outpatient building so that we could FINALLY get Rhys' bloodwork done. (Remember our Genetics apt and the tests that he wanted to do way back in the summer? It has taken us this long to do it. First, the phlebotomist' couldn't figure out what one test was and was waiting to hear back from the doctor. Then we had to fast for one of them. Then Rhys didn't do well and had his vein collapse during one test. And then we just plain forgot over time. *blush* But we have finally done it. And hopefully it is all good and we will get answers next month!) I went in with him while Hunny took the kids for a quick breakfast, grabbing us something as well (Rhys had to fast for one of them, so we just made everyone wait on breakfast to make it easier!)  It was after we got picked up from the Centre that we told the kids the news!  They actually responded not as excitedly as we were hoping! Instead, they talked about how they already guessed something was up! haha. We have astute children!  Having their Father and I so calm about being "late" probably threw them off. They also guessed since I "forgot" to make them all lunches for school and suddenly Hunny had some course to go to for the day that they hadn't heard of!

It was a fun morning trying to be sneaky!

 The Rainforest section. I like this part. It's so humid inside though, but I like being warm, and I like how you see other animals other than just aquatic ones. There are Marmosets, tree frogs, ducks, sloths, parrots and these macaws to name a few.  I obviously have toddlers because I was thinking of all the Baby Marmosets and Blue Macaws that Dora and Diego have rescued or helped out or seen in their Nick Jr. shows!

Jellies!  They fascinate me! I love the jellyfish section. I didn't realize there were so many different varieties!

Rhys found a different type of "fish" in this tank!  By coming early in the morning, and on a school day, we got to watch some tanks be cleaned. We also weren't trying to keep track of kids or find spots to see through crowds. It was nice!

I love the Tropical section where you can see some sharks and the sea turtle! Thanks to the movie Little Nemo, now every time I see the sea turtle, I have to say "Duuuude!"  (the kids don't get it!)  This tank is huge and very busy!

Little Nemos!!! The Clownfish were Eden's favourite.

We had a great day at the Aquarium. Since it wasn't busy (two or three classes arrived by lunchtime, or at least we were all in the same place at that time) we got to watch the Beluga show and the Dolphin show. We had never been able to see those before due to crowds, so it was so neat! I had no idea that dolphins could swim so fast!  I love seeing all of the tricks that the dolphins and belugas had learned to do. I'm not a big "fish" person, but it must be amazing to work with these animals!

It was worth it to skip school!


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