Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hello little Lady

Eden and I were in the front yard one morning --- she was attempting to ride her older brother's scooter, and I was attempted to clean up my garden. (*someone* forgot to rake the leaves in the fall, and surprisingly they didn't compost or disappear over winter, and so they need to go now that it is spring-almost-summer!) As we were met in the middle, we came across a ladybug walking around on a leaf.

Hello Little Lady!

Does anyone else think of the movie A Bug's Life, where the ladybug is a man and he gets upset whenever other bugs tease him about being called a lady?  

No one? H'mm...

Moving on...

We had fun inspecting him, wondering where he was walking to. Was he lost? Trying to find his family? Why didn't he fly? Did he know where he was going? How did he get there?  Little three-year-olds have a lot of questions and many opinions!

It was a nice surprise!  I've heard that finding a lady bug is supposed to be "lucky". I'll let you know if our luck changes anytime soon! 


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