Friday, May 1, 2015

Playground Fun

 After our Student-Led Conferences were done, we had some time to play on the playground at the back of the school. Sometimes I am Too Much of an Adult, but I am trying to be more patient and let the kids run around and play when we have time.  

They enjoyed finding friends and showing off their skills to me.  Rhys thinks it's fun to run up the slide. I have tried to discourage that, as it holds up other kids and they could slip, but all kids do this. I guess it's a fun skill to have for them!  


Bryn has finally mastered the skills to climb up to the high points on the playground, and to swing on the monkey bars. He just needed the courage!

There was a huge wood chip pile for re-spreading over the playground the next day, but for that night the kids had fun running down the little hill and jumping on it! Again, I tried to discourage it as I didn't know if they should be on it, but they weren't the only ones! I have decided to just let them enjoy themselves and try not to worry too much!

  Rhys is the King of the Wood Chip Pile!

Bryn and his friends did spins and jumps onto it!


 It was a good evening and I'm glad that we got to take our time. To top it off, we got a special treat at Timmys. It's not often that I get to spend time with just these boys.


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