Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic

Rhys and his kindergarten class has been studying bees the past few weeks, and they ended their unit with a Teddy Bear Picnic this week.  You know, bees...honey...bears...see the connection?  It is a fun event for the kindergartens. They bring in their favourite stuffies (that is, stuffed animal: That's what I grew up calling them. But now they are known as "stuffies") the day before and at the end of the class, they get tucked into "bed" in the loft playhouse and the kids all say goodnight to them.

Of course, the kids all come into class the next morning to see that their stuffed animals had a party!  There was popcorn every where and books and garbage all over the room!  Plus, the stuffies were hiding!  Oh, those naughty bears!

In the afternoon (and after the stuffies have a time out!), they all go outside for a picnic. Parents and younger siblings get to come (we got a fun invitation; Edn brought along her own Pooh Bear) and we spread out a blanket in the back field of the school and eat our lunch before playing some games.

If I had known just how much of a rainforest it is back there, I would've worn shorts! WOW!  The grass feels damp (even though it isn't) and it was so humid. It doesn't help that the back field has forest on three sides and a building on the last, so the air just gets stuck back there. It felt heavy with no breeze!  After an hour of playing (I became the Official Under-Duck Pusher to a group of girls on the swings!) I felt sweaty and gross. Ugh!

The kids threw beanbags (they were supposed to try to knock over their stuffies, but it soon became a free-for-all-throw with all of those boys in the class!) 

We pulled out the parachute. That is always the funnest part of school, isn't it?

The kids had fun tossing around those bears!

Afterwards, we came inside and they measured their bears to practice their counting and writing.

 {Cowie is 6 blocks tall}

For the rest of the afternoon, the kids played at the Centres. Which meant that Eden was in the play kitchen making drinks and snacks for me, and Rhys was in the loft playing with his LEGO.

I love fun events like this. I can't believe that Rhys' kindergarten year is almost over!  Just three and half more weeks left in this year! We have the kindergarten trip to the Zoo, and the other kids have end-of-the-year class trips and Sports Day coming up and then it will all be over!  I hate the busyness of this season, but I love all of the different things going on. 


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