Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Campfire

It has been a rough week. Too many late nights, sick family members, stress, fatigue, constant has felt like the longest week ever!  By Wednesday, I thought for sure it was Friday!  What was so different about this week though? I'm not the only one who felt that way; who felt that it was Friday, or should be Friday, all week!  It really throws off your days too. I was in a bit of a daze.

To counter those frustrating days this week, I am going to remember our fun weekend instead.

We were invited to an evening at the river with the extended family. It's not your typical Mother's Day celebration, but it worked for us!  We met at the day camp tables at Derby Reach Provincial Park in Walnut Grove and made ourselves a campfire and just relaxed!  I actually missed the smell of campfire and can't wait to go camping again in the summer; and with our hot weekend, it really made me anticipate our family trips. Hopefully there won't be a campfire ban when we go up this year! (I'm being hopeful. There's one every year)

The kids threw rocks into the Fraser, of course. 

{feeding geese}

  We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores.

{must roast all of the weinies!} 

 {such sweet siblings. I love their relationship.}


 {that's one way to roast multiple marshmallows!}

 {s'mores are messy business!}

Abi decided to get creative and wanted to roast a cantaloupe. Apparently that didn't turn out so yummy!  But we roasted pineapple, which is exciting. It's always been known as "Death Fruit" in this family due to it actually being able to cause death, or serious illness, in one family member. But after four years of blood transfusions, my SIL can now eat pineapple!!! It's quite amazing! I've been in this family for 18 years and have never known her to be able to eat the fruit, so this is quite the feat. We're hoping that her latex allergy will be gone by the fall too; how neat would that be? 

 {this is how we get the little girl off the waters' edge so we can go home!}

It was such a relaxing evening! We definitely need to do this more often!


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