Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rhys the dog and people whisperer?

On the weekend, we had Kai's best friend over while his parents were away. It turned out to be a nice and busy weekend!

We spent the morning of Saturday at the LCS Spring Festival, where I gave each child a $5 Game Card so they could chose what they wanted to do. They played a few games and they got a freezie and a jar of goodies and had their face painted!  I was impressed with their patience with standing in the long lineups for the Jar Game and the face painting!

Eden wanted a pink butterfly.  She sat so still; the girl was impressed!

Bryn wanted Fire, but then had it changed into a campfire!  It's definitely unconventional but he loved it and I thought it was creative!

Rhys wanted a T-Rex.  It looked so cool.

 And when he opened his mouth, the dinosaur ROARED, so he had a lot of fun "scaring" people! 

With having David over, we also participated in something that we hadn't had to deal with in our family before: getting a kid off to a team baseball game! We had a few delays (kids like to take their time even though you are trying to rush them) and had to make a side trip to pick up forgotten cleats, but we made it okay in the end and I didn't get lost with the detour either! Phew!

Go David! He made it to base and brought two runners in to home. They won 14-6! Woohoo!

A woman who sat beside us at the game brought her dog, and so of course, Rhys had to befriend her and the pet!  He started off by asking if she had a dog or a cat. I snickered. After fifteen minutes,  I looked over and laughed when I saw that Rhys was holding the leash, "taking care" of the dog!  The woman said that it was perfect for her; she really preferred cats to dogs!

Then of course, he had to go on a walk with the dog!  I watched from the bleachers, and had Bryn chase him down when he got too far.  Bryn ran back to me and said that Rhys didn't know how to get the dog to come back!  I laughed! Silly boy, you just walk in the direction; the dog will follow.  But I helped rescue him!

When the dog pooped in the grass, I let the owner take back control! I don't do dog doo pickup! That's why we don't own a dog anymore. Our poor attempt at puppy ownership with Paisley didn't end well for us; He went on to a new wonderful owner and we swore off dogs (and replaced shoes and our couch)! Some people really are not dog lovers, as much as it may shock the majority of North America!

I thought it was the sweetest thing watching Rhys with Cody, the Strange Dog. He makes me smile. Rhys is so good at meeting people and making friends; it helps not knowing or understanding boundaries or social etiquette. We are all polite and keep to small talk with strangers, but he sits right beside them and asks questions! Some don't respond to him, but most do since he's still young and so cute! (Apparently, they all loved us at the game, according to David's mom!  The parents there thought that the kids were sweet and well behaved and that I was a great mom. Aww! *pats self on back and blushes* Very nice to hear feedback like that.)  It was a fun day!


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