Monday, June 9, 2014

Inner Ninja

I forgot that Rhys was to have his turn at Show & Tell in preschool the other day, so we didn't bring in anything. I felt bad.  I had even written it on my calendar to remind myself! *sigh*

At the end of class, his one teacher, Mrs. Nikki, told me that since were studying the letter "U", they decided to try to find something to show off the word "Under". And Under his snack section in his lunchkit is a spot for his juice container. So they unzip it and they pull out the thermos to show the children. On the thermos (and lunchkit...we bought them separately and without realizing they were a matching pair!) is a picture of a ninja, so Rhys starts to do these kicks and jumps and ninja moves! They kids were just cracking up laughing! One boy is literally rolling on the floor in laughter, Nikki told me!

Dayton (a classmate) says, "Oh, Rhys, you are so funny!"

Rhys stops and says, "I am?"  So they all burst out laughing again.

My boy, the comic genius, with his inner ninja moves!  It made me smile.

And, on that note, I must share with you the song Inner Ninja by fellow Canadian, Classified! It's a fun one!


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