Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I've decided to start a new segment on here. Maybe I'll actually post every week too! *smile*  I came across this idea from the blog: Talk Nerdy To Me. (Louise was a classmate of my friends' in highschool, so I know her name, so that's my claim to fame. She just recently was listed one of Vancouver's Top 30 Mom Bloggers, so that's pretty cool too.) I think we could all be just a little bit more thankful, so here is my list for the week:

1. Our School

With the Teacher's Strike happening right now, I have been reminded just yet again what a wonderful community we have and what an opportunity our kids have by attending their school. Through the support of my parents, we are able to send the kids to the Christian school. We have been going there since Abi was in kindergarten, and we have not regretted it once. We love the teachers and the school!

I have been struggling, honestly, with knowing which "side" I am on for the strike. I am frustrated that the teachers ended the school year for the kids in public school, not just because they lose out on their fun end-of-the-year parties, trips, and Fun Days (because those are disappointing to miss out on, but they aren't going to ruin the year) but that some kids really do lose out by not getting their final grades (that has to effect the graduating classes who are trying to enter into universities, and/or applying for scholarships, etc.  I was so thankful that my niece's grade 12 graduation ceremony wasn't cancelled due to the strike though, since at-the-time, the rotating strike didn't fall on that day. phew. That would've been horrible!) And I am so frustrated at the Provincial Government who has disregarded what the Supreme Court has ruled on. If they had just done as they were told, this mess would've been avoided. Shame on them!

I am thankful that my kids are able to attend their school and that their year wasn't affected by Labour Negotiations. I wonder if the public school sector could learn something about how contracts are done in the private schools? (I honestly don't know...I don't pay too much attention to things like that!)

2. Father's Day

I am so thankful for my Hunny. He is a good Daddy to our children. I love how he teaches them things and gives them many experiences that I never got to share with my Dad. He takes them out and tries to spend time with each child individually. He directs, leads and disciplines and I am so thankful for the strong role he plays in our family.

Eden loves her Daddy so much! She definitely is more attached to him than the other kids have been , which is so wonderful to see!  I didn't have the best relationship with my own Dad growing up. We are too much alike and it seemed we were always butting heads. I am so thankful that after Abi was born, he mellowed out and became an awesome Grandpa, and that as I got older, I also began to understand things better. I am so grateful that we have another year to celebrate and live together. My Dad had a heart attack almost two years ago, while helping with renos at our house, and it really changed a lot for all of us. Life is very fragile, indeed. We are very thankful for the many "second chances" we get in life!

3. Ducks

Seriously. Ducks make me happy. I don't know what it is about them. The way they waddle? The way they quack? The shiney colours of their feathers? That they bob upside-down in the water to grab food? I don't know. But they make me happy.

Imagine my happiness, and surprise, when I saw a mother duck waddling out past the school this week, with three babies in tow! She squawked at a stalking crow, and lunged at it when it got too close, which I applauded; I was about to hop out of my van and chase that crow if he got any closer to the little family!

Eden and I watched the Mama and her ducklings waddle through the trees, cross the parking lot and go to the forest next to the school.

4. Hypo Mom

I found Hypothyroid Mom on FB and wow!

I have been diagnosed as Hypothyroid in 2005, when I was experiencing post-partum depression two years after Kai was born! (haha) Turns out my thyroid was all crazy. And I really was depressed too. (I remember when they wanted to check my thyroid and my sister and I laughed and wished that I had Hyperthyroidism, just because it meant that you would lose weight faster. hahaha. Darn!) *after I was diagnosed, I found out that my great-aunt also has this, as well as two cousins (siblings) who were diagnosed as teens. So I guess this runs in the family. *Hypo is when you have an underactive thyroid, and Hyper is when your thyroid is working overtime.

I have mentioned my struggles with Hypo a few times on here; my frustration with fatigue (I was starting to fall asleep while driving, which is why Hunny had to take over driving the kids to school in the mornings) and how my doctor changes my medications (or doesn't, when I feel she should). When I found Hypo Mom, I was elated! It was so nice to find a group of others who completely understood! Wow. Support with those who also have this condition is key to keeping your sanity, because honestly, it is hard to get others to understand how serious your symptoms are sometimes.

I had No idea on so many of these symptoms though! Check out the list of 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms ......   How many do you have?  There are so many on here I did not know about...they could explain a lot of things!

5.This Song

I heard this on Praise and I am hoping they will play it more.

My Heart is Yours - Passion Ft. Kristian Stanfill


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