Monday, June 23, 2014

it's not pink but red

Abi had Crazy Hair Day at her school, so she wanted to do something, well, crazy. We decided on this cute bun-hawk, but then to make it even better, we would colour it. However, finding hair colour on short notice (because we tend to sometimes leave things for too long and find out that we've run out of time and the stores have closed. Oops.) was hard, so Abi had to settle for what was available at WalMart.  She found Splat Luscious Raspberries, which made her happy, and we got to work!

I was slightly nervous about it after I opened up the box. It wasn't just a simple hair dye in a box that I was used to. I'd have to bleach her hair first! Eek! (although, I just read now that we could've coloured it without the bleaching and it would've worked as well. It just wouldn't have lasted as long or been as bright. But it was an option I didn't know about. I'm sure we would've decided to bleach in the end had we known that earlier anyways.)  After I applied the bleach, it was supposed to be covered, so we found a plastic bag and I attempted to enclose her hair in it! (she decided that she wanted to keep her bangs her original brown)

45 minutes later...

eek, it's so blonde!!! You can see some of the brown underneath, but we both thought it turned out great considering this was our first experiment! I now know that I could go closer to the roots and mixed better. But hey, it's all good.

After seeing the bleached blonde hair, she decided to keep just the first part of it at the top of her head and make the rest of it the raspberry. That dye job was familiar to me at least! Then we needed to bag it as well for 45 minutes.

The end result: looking bright red and so neat! What will her Daddy say? 

The next morning, she had fun playing around with it and creating her Crazy Hair Day design.  She especially enjoyed surprising all of her classmates!  We laughed that if she didn't win first place for craziest hair it would be a shock. After all, look at how much effort was put into it: she took 3 hours the night before to semi-permanently colour her hair!!! (some of the blonde parts ended up pink hued from when I was trying to wash out the dye with her head over the tub. That was a messy job! The red went where I wanted to and many things were coloured as a result: a few shirts, some towels...)

She ended up winning for all of the grade seven classes! (out of 75 students) She shocked quite a few people! A few of her friends took a while to get over it, although every one who talks to her tells her that it "suits" her! Many have mentioned that they would like to do that (dye their hair a crazy colour) but wouldn't be brave enough to do it, but for some reason it just fits Abi's personality! Abi is not afraid of much. She doesn't mind doing something to fit her bold personality, since she truly does not care what others think of her! I am so proud of her for that attitude and hope she never loses that.

After a week and a half, her hair isn't looking as bright as it first was, and I made the mistake of telling her that it was looking pink. That offended her! Oops, I didn't realize that she felt so adverse to the colour pink. (I have to admit that I did as well when I was a teen! I was NOT girly in the Princess-y Girly way and was offended whenever someone acted as though I should be!) She was adament that it was RED, NOT PINK!  Silly me. I can remind her that it is actually "Luscious Raspberry"!

Last week, Abi was asked by some grade eight girls if that was her "real hair' (and not a wig) and Abi said that it was dyed, to which one of them responded, "oh, you're "The  Peters' kid!" Haha.  Hopefully that isn't a bad thing. I do find it funny that my girl has a reputation! I am hoping that means that she is known for being brave and fun and different...but different in a good way!   I wanted to dye my hair that colour when I was a teen as well, but never did. Bright coloured hair like that was only done by the "alternative crowd", I explained to her; the skaters, the slackers. Things that I wasn't. I didn't necessarily follow the crowd, but I did have to fit in with my friends, so I didn't do magenta but stuck to a semi-normal red for my hair! It's funny how things like this is more acceptable to do by anyone now. You don't have to fit in with a particular group to have piercings or hair dye as a teen. That's a good thing, I think. But, oh dear, she is only 12 1/2, what is she going to do when she gets older?


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