Monday, June 30, 2014

Oma & Opa

Yesterday was my Oma & Opa's Anniversary. 62 years.  I guess in today's day and age that's forever. I have been very blessed to be surrounded by couples who have been married for a long time, though. In my intermediate family, I only have two aunts who aren't with their spouses any longer (for various reasons), and I would say that is a very good percentage!  I am not against divorce, there is a reason that it was permitted in the Bible, but I am very much for marriage. I think that marriage is intended to last forever.

My Oma & Opa live in Ontario on a huge farm that I love and miss. A lot of my childhood memories are of spending time at their house, and going for walks with Opa to find the cows, and playing in the hay (I found out later that we weren't supposed to do that as it was dangerous. You never know where there could be holes in the hay piles, dropping you down a story, or catching  your foot and breaking an ankle. Kids don't pay attention or think of these things.) or building forts with the cousins (at that time there was only 9 cousins, but now there are 23!) or playing the kittens (there are always kittys on a farm. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inbred kittys on a farm too. gross.)  I remember my Oma waking us up early in the morning, at 6am, so that we could watch old reruns of The Little Rascals (yes, the old black and white show. So funny!) while eating homemade oatmeal and drinking tea, whenever we stayed overnight!  That farm played a big part of my childhood. So much so that I am in love with farms and desire one of my own. If only it weren't so expensive to live out here! To own farmland in our affordable price range, we'd have to move to another province or far up north; neither of which are high on my list of things to do yet.

In May, my Oma & Opa visited for three weeks, staying at my parents' house. They hadn't been out here since when Rhys was just 4 months old, so this was such a nice surprise!

Oma & Opa with five of their 21 great-grandchildren!

One of the first things that my Opa said to me when we saw eachother was "are you still scared of cows?"  Haha. Very funny, Opa!  (so I was frightened of his cows when I was a kid...aren't most children? ...just to clarify, I think I am okay with cows now!)

Oma & Opa are my Mom's parents. Do you possibly see a resemblance?

Abi practiced her clarinet for them.

It was an enjoyable visit with them here, but I was so surprised at how fast three weeks went by. I couldn't help but wonder when the next time I would see them would be. They are getting older, and aren't as mobile. They managed to travel across Canada on the train, but I don't know if they'd be able to do that again in a few years. My Oma nows uses a walker, which was completely different than what we were used to seeing for her.  One day I hope to travel back to Ontario with my family to show them where I grew up and to meet all of my relatives. (we are the only ones who live out west. The rest of the relatives on both sides are east.)

I am so grateful for them. For what they gave up and for what they did to make their family what it is now. We know about Jesus because of them, for teaching it to their children and from them teaching it on further, and that is impressive. We live in Canada because they gave up their own homes in the Netherlands, something that I am grateful for. They are incredible and I am so blessed to have them.


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