Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Girl's Got Talent

Abi went and did something totally brave and not at all like her parents! This must be from her Aunts' genetic input. (both my sister and my sister in law were into drama in highschool. I liked the idea, but not the performing.)  She participated in this year's Got Talent program in her middle school!

I was so nervous for her! I don't mind standing out at times, but I don't like a lot of attention. It's funny how both my Hunny and I actually feel embarrassed for those who do go and put themselves out on display! haha. (Hunny had to leave his work party early one year just because of karaoke!  We ended up staying for it the next year and found out it wasn't too bad after all. He actually enjoyed it more after he drank a few beer as well, and realized it wasn't all that mortifying!  Still couldn't get him to sing though!)  I told Abi that if she was going to sign up for this, she had to practice. She couldn't leave this for the last minute. She had to decide right away what she was going to do and we would make her practice it every day, that way when it came to the performance she wasn't freaking out over feeling unprepared!  I was so worried she'd put it off!

She completely impressed me! She and her friend decided to choreograph an original dance to a song together! And they practiced almost every recess break and after school for two weeks. At their audition, the teacher judges gave a few pointers (and convinced them to lip sync to the song as well, since they already were anyways!) and they were accepted! By the time of the actual performance, they were ready! (although a bit nervous!)

It was a lot of fun! Hunny was off work that day, so he came with Rhys, Eden and I to watch and cheer the girls on! I made him stay for the whole show too! *big grin*  I was impressed by it all. Some of those kids are really talented. Some not so much. But I was impressed with the fact that they all wanted to go up there and perform something (there were a bunch of singers and some instrumentalists, mostly piano, as well as some comedic acts.) in front of their peers! That was so not something I would have done in school! (or now, even!)  I was also pleased that every act was applauded and cheered. Even those who failed. (one boy started to sing...and he wasn't that good...and he lost his confidence and so he stopped the song partway through the first verse and ended his act.)  No one had to feel like they made a fool of themselves. There were no rude remarks or boos or hisses or anything, just support. I would expect that with the school my kids attend, but sometimes it's nice to be surprised when you see kindness in action!

I wasn't able to get any photos of the actual dance, but Hunny video'd it on his phone. Sorry, I can't play it for you. Abi didn't want it on youtube or anywhere. Which I totally respect and understand. It was a great dance that she and Bethany did for their school and they don't need any remarks from strangers. They were proud of themselves! (me too!)

They danced to Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes. (Abi played the role of Adam Levine!) under the stage name "Stereo and Radio". (click on link to hear the song. To be honest, I was happy the show was over because I was getting tired of hearing the song being played and sung so much as she practiced at home! haha.)


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