Tuesday, June 24, 2014

moving up

We had two big celebrations this past week: Rhys has graduated from preschool, and Kai has graduated from grade five. Well, all of the school kids graduated from their grade, really (although, we like to tease Abi that it's up for debate since we haven't received her report card yet!), but these two are "bigger" because they both signify that they are moving on up to a new school. (well, new building) And that's pretty exciting!

Rhys is going to start kindergarten in the fall! It is so exciting to be at this part finally! I think he is ready. Yes, he must be ready. He most likely is ready. ...am I ready? *smile*

For the other kids, there was a preschool graduation ceremony, which I always scoffed at when they first mention it, but then I get all melty inside when I attend it and see the pictures. How cute are little kids dressed up in tiny black graduation caps? Seriously cute!  But I always have that voice in the back of my head that says, "it's *just* preschool! are we going to throw big events for every small step of growth?"  Yes, I'm one of those party-pooper-type moms, I guess!  I was a bit relieved, but maybe a bit underwhelmed, when Rhys' class didn't have some capped ceremony, but instead we had a picnic with games to celebrate the end of the year.

We arrived an hour late, and almost missed the bouncy castle (some child decided to play with my keys and then promptly forgot where he put them down, just as we were trying to leave. I was slightly ticked off at him for that.) but we made it for a few games and the singing. (I couldn't quite hear all the words, but I did get teary at the one song about attending preschool and learning their letters and numbers and now being ready for kindergarten, hooray!)

I get so amazed at how much he has grown and changed and learned in just one year of preschool. He has learned to count to thirteen. (he can count to twenty, but he forgets fourteen and sometimes seventeen) and he can sing the alphabet (although he jumbles up the middle. Instead of L-M-N-O-P, it comes out as ell-o-mo-pee! and he forgets to add J and K sometimes. It's so cute to hear him sing it) and he knows the sight of some of them. And he can tell you what some of the numbers are by sight too. And he knows most of his colours now. (I finally got him to remember his favourite colour by really emphasizing and repeating at every stop light, "Guh-guh-guh Green for guh-guh-guh Go!". However now he calls it "guh-guh-guh green"! haha) It is so wonderful to see! And a relief that he is starting to retain some of that by memory. He is at the stage that most kids are at for entering kindergarten, and that is so good to know!

As one is entering the elementary school, another child is leaving it! Kai has graduated and is moving on up to the Middle School! He is so excited! I am feeling mixed. I am excited that he is growing up and is starting to show signs of maturing, but middle school is so much bigger and older than elementary! *sniff*sniff*

They held a special chapel and all of the grade five classes (three in total) got to cross the stage to receive a certificate of achievement and there was a year-in-review video played (that is always so neat to see. I think we should do something like that at the end of every year. We need to be reminded visually of the events and the good things that occurred that year; sometimes it's hard to remember how much things have changed, or how much good you actually had.)  It was a wonderful morning.

More change to come this upcoming school year for my boys!  But now on to summer!!! woohoo!


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