Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Just a few things to be thankful for this week. 

1. Ice Cream trips to celebrate birthdays

It's becoming a bit of a habit that we go out on Eden's actual birthday for ice cream. We've done it two times now. But that's enough for Bryn to point it out that we've been doing this for all of her life!

2.  BBQs and Baptisms

Our church, Jericho Ridge, had their annual BBQ and Baptism at Derby Reach again recently. Last year, I was a bundle of nerves at having so many kids to watch playing so close to the Fraser River, but this year was much different. It helps that they have grown. I can handle having them at the water now! In fact, the Olders were often running off doing their own thing with friends anyways! I had to keep a closer eye on Eden though, as she was always walking off on her own. It was hard keeping the Youngers away from the water, they just wanted to throw rocks into the river all day.

I mentioned Infant Dedications and Baptisms recently; this is our event for adult baptisms. These events always make me teary! I love it when people choose to dedicate their life to the Lord, and my spirit is moved when it is done publicly. I was baptised when I was 14 in my church baptism tank...the idea of being dunked in the Fraser sounds cold! Good for those who decide to do this bravely!

3. Neighbourhood friends

We are so thankful that our kids have neighbours that they can play with. We have lived here for 11 years now and all of the kids have grown up together. (we moved in when I was pregnant with Kai and our neighbour was pregnant with their second child as well) There are two boys to the right of us the ages of the Olders and two kids on the other side of us the ages of the Youngers, so it works out great! Six boys and three girls! The kids are often out at eachother's houses, on the trampolines,  riding bikes out front, or even walking to the park together. 

I love summer for the times they can play! I enjoyed watching the kids pull their bikes out and do tricks jumping over a piece of wood the other night.

They were even patient and let Eden attempt to go over the piece! She would push her tricycle up to the wood and then pick it up and carry it over and then keep riding! So clever!

Rhys didn't have his bike, but a bouncy ball and a robber costume, which he raced Eden home on when it was time to go inside.


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