Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Abi's new look

A day before school began, Abi decided that she was desperate for new hair colour. Nothing like leaving it to the last moment! We popped over to Chatters in Langley to check out our options, and spoke to a hairstylist for a basic quote for having Abi's hair done and then after finding it to be a good $50-$100 less than what we predicted, we went for it! (after Abi called home to ask for permission from her father to use the money she had saved up! I told him that I thought that since she has wanted to do this for over a year now, and had saved up her own money, she should be able to choose on her own what to do with it. So it was agreed upon.)

This is Abi's look before. If you remember, for Crazy Hair Day in the Spring, I had bleached and dyed her hair. It has since washed out a lot, so it was time for a new look.

The hairstylist needed to re-bleach her roots first.

Then it came down to adding all of the colours Abi had chosen and paid for! Madi, the Wonder Stylist, had a lot of fun doing this! Abi's request is definitely not a common one!

Red, Orange and Yellow are in. (the yellow section had to have more bleach added to it to cover up that pink so that the yellow dye would show more.)

Red, Orange, Yellow and Green!

Blue!!! ...can you guess what she's doing yet??? *grin*

 Just waiting and looking beautiful.

Then it was time to wash it out (that was one brown-coloured sink!) and dry it.


 It's so bright!

She looks so wonderful!!!  The funny thing is that it totally suits her too!

In the end, it only cost her $99.90.  Even less than we were expecting, too. That is because they gave her a deal: there was a buy 2-get-1-free deal that ended the day before that they honored, so she got two of her hair colours for free (at $10.50 each, that was a nice surprise), plus she got a free conditioning shampoo (the new deal that started). The bleach touch up only costs $60, and as a new customer, she got a whole welcome package which included a free haircut in the future, 20% off in the store, as well as a referral bonus for any friend who goes to the salon (so if you are thinking of a new look, let me know and I can pass on a deal to you, as well as get the benefits! It's a win-win!) Not too bad for three hours and almost all of her savings!  Abi was very pleased with herself!

I kept looking at it all evening and thinking that it could easily pass for a wig, with the wild bright colours and it being so straight. (she and I were gifted with wild and crazy curly hair.)  We wondered how many kids at school would think the same?

On the first day of school, her teacher came up to her and asked if it was real and if he could touch it! haha. He was good natured about it, and I laughed how it was one way to make an impression; she was committed to this look! It's so good to be in a school where her artistic flair is allowed to come out (well, within reason. There are some standard codes of ethics and dress to adhere to.) It's so neat that this isn't shocking to anyone either. A lot of her friends thought it was a surprise to see a new style on her, but not shocked at what it was!

It's totally her!!!


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