Friday, September 26, 2014

Another PSA just to let you know

Another Public Service Announcement (PSA), just to let you know.

If you run out of eggs in your house, but you don't want to pack up all of the kids to run to the store just to pick up some since it will result in a full basket of extras and whiney children all asking for junk food snacks.... but you NEED eggs so that you can make some cupcakes for the other kids since they aren't exactly invited to their brother's pool party and you feel guilty and are trying to make things better....

If you happened to read online all these wonderful ideas on how to successfully substitute eggs from a recipe and thought that it sounded easy....

If you are wondering if you can possibly use something else instead of eggs in your box cake recipe, I am here to help you out!

You can not substitute eggs with water, oil and baking powder in a box cake.  Although it will make your cupcakes super de-dooper fluffy, they will just make them all crumbly.

We were not able to take a cupcake out of the pan without it falling apart. It was disappointing. The Youngers didn't get to have cupcakes...or go to the pool party. Boos all around!

Now you know.

You are welcome.

***If you are wondering about making your own crayons in the oven, here is my other PSA


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