Monday, September 15, 2014

Scoot scootin' along

Our evenings are starting to get shorter, but we can still be outside playing after dinner so far.  The kids took advantage of that and pulled out those scooters to ride along the sidewalk.

 I love watching Eden and Rhys out there, finally able to master the skill of pushing off while standing on one leg. It isn't easy, you know! But hooray, they have it down pat now!

 (This little girl makes me laugh. I don't know why she was wearing fleece pants and a fleece sweater, it was very warm out this evening! But she dressed herself, and I wasn't going to fight with her over it!)

 Eden decided to take her Scooter literally and sit on it and scoot down the sidewalk! She's so silly!

 It wasn't easy, but she had fun!

After they were up and down the street a few times, the kids climbed into the back of our truck and pretended it was their hangout!

Hooray for summer nights!!!


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