Monday, September 8, 2014


What a wonderful morning!

Rhys was excited and ready to get to school immediately; he ate breakfast and packed his bag and kept asking when we were leaving.

I admit to feeling a bit impatient too!  

With the older kids, we were allowed to go right into the classroom when we arrived at the school, but this year, the students waited with the other kids. Rhys and Eden played on the playground (in the preschool playground, which has a fence around it and is smaller.), but I felt anxious to get in that room and started!  (I noticed that another kindergarten class, the part-time one where some of our preschool friends started today as well, let the kids go in 10 minutes early) When the bell rang and the other students at school lined up at their classrooms, they were able to enter. Rhys was the first one in, but I still had to gather Eden up off that playground, so I had to find him in the cubbies! He got his pillow out (they have quiet times in the afternoon, so small pillows were requested. That is new this year too; the Olders didn't have that) and his shoes put away, and we put on his indoor shoes and he was ready! (he had been carrying around those indoor shoes in the box for over a week, wanting to show them off to everyone! I thought he'd want to bring them in their box to school, but the box didn't fit into his backpack along with his lunch and pillow, darn!)

He wanted to find a special desk or seat for himself, but they don't assign spots in kindergarten, so that disappointed him at first, but we found fun things in the room!  Like the loft!

That was fun! He liked climbing in it (so did Eden!) but he wasn't too sure about getting down on his own. (I don't blame him. He doesn't like to climb down our treehouse stairs either and prefers the slide.)

He found some toys to play with and made some neat designs. (I don't remember what these are called.)  Creating across from him was another boy from his preschool class--I didn't even realize that he had another "friend". We knew about the one boy, Dayton, but not this one. But we didn't know this boy too well. In fact, I felt bad, but I didn't even recognize him! (the boy, whose name I now remember is Nikolas, recognized Rhys!) I did recognize his father though! (or is it his grandfather? He's an older man, and looks like he could be someone's grandfather, but I don't want to assume anything since people are having children at older ages, and family situations being so different it's hard to be sure.)

I am so excited for this year! Last night, I was feeling emotional about him heading to kindergarten; thinking of how we are finally here, and how he is so ready. I did good at the drop off and didn't cry at all! I was brave! I did, however, shed a few happy tears when we got home!

This is it! We are here! He is in kindergarten, and he is going full time, and my boy is ready!!! How wonderful!  What a year he is going to have!


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