Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Littlest Cousins Playdate

Yesterday, I had the fun job of babysitting my favouritest nephews while my favouritest sister had a dental appointment. Since all of the Olders were in school, and Rhys was off at his first day of kindergarten, I only had to bring along Eden with me, and that made it easier too. Since she is just a year older than Gavin, she can play a bit better than the others, who can get too hyper, loud or busy. Not to say that these kids can't get loud or destructive, but it's different when toddlers do it together!

They played with cars, and attempted to share and play nicely. (It's not easy for a two year old to share his own toys!) We only had a few instances where we remembered that throwing toys wasn't nice to our friends.

Eden found some puzzles in a bin and expertly put together a shape one, which impressed me. Yes, my child is bright.

Are they not the cutest?

I absolutely love these kids. Gavin is now 2 and loads of fun. He says silly nonsensical things and runs everywhere and giggles and is just a bundle of fun.

Micah is 6 months old and sitting up on his own and putting everything into his mouth. Apparently, chewing on a wooden train track is yummy!

(yum, wood. fibre.)

After I had put G-Man down for his nap, we played with Micah for a bit until he got tired and needed a nap too.  Then I had to remind Eden to keep quiet enough so that she isn't disturbing the boys while she had her run of all of the toys to herself!

 (a Micah selfie. so cute, even fuzzy!)

(Micah is telling Eden to get him out of the exersaucer! He has had enough playing!)

It was a fun afternoon. I don't know why I don't do this more often! I love it that my kids have cousins nearby to play with. I hope they grow up and always hang out. I loved having my cousins to play with as a kid, but when we moved out West when I was 12, I lost out on those relationships. Thankfully there is FB to reconnect, but it isn't quite the same when you are missing a big part of personal history. Instead of being cousin-friends, you're just distant-cousins, and that sucks. So I hope that things will always work out for my kids to be with their cousins and family. I think it's important.


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